June 24, 2016Cayman Finance statement on “Brexit”Commenting on the outcome of the UK’s referendum and its decision to leave the European Union, Mr Jude Scott, CEO, Cayman Finance, said:   “As the premier global financial hub the Cayman Islands financial services industry will continue to work closely with its clients and countries around the world to resolutely do its part in ensuring the continuing success and […] MORE >
June 15, 2016Cayman Minister of Finance speaks out on effective global collaboration by law enforcement and tax authoritiesThe Cayman Islands (‘Cayman’) Minister for Financial Services and the CEO of the financial services industry body, Cayman Finance, have both issued statements addressing the issues raised by the recent leak of information from a law firm in Panama. The leak has drawn negative press attention to international financial centres (IFCs), including those which are not mentioned in the leaked […] MORE >
May 31, 2016Cayman Finance and Government enhance relationship with new MoUCayman Finance is delighted to announce the signing of a new Memorandum of Understanding with the Cayman Islands Government, which serves to enhance the already close working relationship that Cayman’s financial services industry has with Government. Taking place at a recent Cayman Finance Members briefing event, the signing of this new MoU marks another milestone for Cayman’s financial services industry […] MORE >
May 30, 2016Cayman hasn’t committed to automatic sharing of ownership dataContrary to international media reports and a press release from No. 10 Downing Street, the Cayman Islands government did not commit to the automatic exchange of beneficial ownership information prior to the Anti-Corruption Summit in London last week. The government also confirmed it did not sign the summit communique that sets out a common approach to tackling corruption, which, according […] MORE >
May 12, 2016Cayman Finance CEO demands corruption rules for allCayman Finance CEO Jude Scott has made it clear that when establishing anti-corruption practices such as data disclosures, all financial centres around the world should implement these standards – not just a few like the Cayman Islands. “The difficulty is when you start carving out standards for certain countries that aren’t applicable to others then what we create is really […] MORE >


Mourant Ozannes’ International Trusts & Private Client Conference

Date: October 7, 2016

Location: The Ritz Carlton, Grand Cayman

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IBC’s International Trusts and Private Client Cayman Forum

Date: October 24, 2016 – October 25, 26

Time: 8:00am-6:00pm

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June 15, 2016Exempted Limited PartnershipsIntroduction An exempted limited partnership (an “ELP“) is the most commonly used Cayman Islands partnership for international transactions. This memorandum describes certain features of an ELP. It is intended to be a summary only, and is not exhaustive. It is not a substitute for detailed legal advice, which can be obtained from your usual Walkers contact. Legislation The principal legislation […] MORE >
June 7, 2016Secrecy law revamp well received by industryThe revamp of Cayman’s 40-year-old “secrecy law’, which removes the criminal liability for disclosing confidential information, is an essential step in positioning Cayman as a modern transparent cooperative partner on the international stage. For the parts of the financial sector which rely on privacy, the changes have been well received, provided they can make their clients appreciate that the floodgates […] MORE >
June 3, 2016Cayman Islands: CSX – Guide To Listing FundsIntroduction Over the last 40 years the Cayman Islands has matured into one of the world’s largest international financial centers, providing institutionally-focused, specialized services to a global client base. The Cayman Islands’ competitive strength in global financial services lies in its ability to provide an effective and cost-efficient tax neutral platform for international capital flows in an environment of economic […] MORE >



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